Friday, January 15, 2010


These months are full of traditions but there is one I particularly don't enjoy and that is the fact that for the last two weeks of the school holidays Daryl goes OS leaving me to fill the days without him. I tend to simplify, this is the key to survival, so here I am night one, pizza. Who cares. I plan but I don't, it is nice to have a little bit of an idea of how I am going to fill the days, movie here, school shoe shopping there, but one of my favorite things is to get up a little early, make a coffee and fold laundry while the house is still quiet. I think my sister thinks I'm weird but it feels productive yet tranquil as I fold and sip and contemplate the day ahead. I also prefer to be up before the girls greeting them cheerfully, starting their day on a good note ( 'cause God knows it's only going to go downhill).

So Daryl is somewhere up there, I don't like to think of that too much and am always glad when he has landed. He will have a day in Santa Barbara followed by a funeral in Tulare (those connections can also be so painful), then New York then London. Phemie said tonight how much she likes it when we are all in the same room. So do I.

Anyway, summer has been wonderful and isn't over, I must remember every moment how much I love to have the girls around and really do savour the holidays. I'll head back to Lorne where we'll eat two minute noodles and ice cream and play in the rock pools and read and snuggle on the couch and then we will come home and so will he and we'll all be in the same room again.