Monday, December 19, 2011


At least two of these photos reflect the truth of Christmas around here. Sure we've put up a tree and decorated the dog a couple of times ( before he got carted off for his million dollar knee reconstruction, Merry Christmas), sure we did a bit of wet felting in an attempt to make some looovely hand made decorations ( didn't actually work but photo looks good). Yes the two photos that really tell the story of what is going on around here is firstly Tobie at the M.A.C counter at Myer ( stuff the windows she just wants makeup), and Hazel sittin' on the couch, watchin' telly, eatin' chokky waiting for her turn to get the headlice treatment. Hmmm...come to think of it, my head feels a bit itchy.

But I think about the carols the other night and the fact that my dear friend Ange is back ( and making lists bless her), and I think back to Sunday afternoon at the Botanical gardens for our friends Christmas picnic and watching babies being passed around and just the familiar thing of knowing someone for ever. There is an excitement around here that only comes when children are little and Santa is on his way, and even though I feel like it's wizzing by I sit at this and tap away and suddenly realise that I do see all the other truths about Christmas that are the traditons we follow and that we begin. Friends on Christmas Eve, little faces on Christmas morning, family, chutney that worked, that present that you just know someone is going to really love, summer holidays at Lorne, emails from far away treasured friends that just understand everything, the list does go on and on and I am so lucky and grateful, but now I am yelling down the stairs and distracted and being pulled back but so happy that I took a minute to stop. Just a minute of course.