Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I love winter, as the cooler months blow in I truly couldn't be happier. However, today was one of those days when there is a little taste of Spring and my mind wanders to the warmer months of beach holidays and the girls playing outside until bedtime, and so, in order to give the chillier seasons a fair send off, I have decided on a new daily ritual to make the most of what is left of the cold and that is, fire side knitting at 5pm. It's not a great time in this house but dinner is usually/hopefully in the oven and what's a cup of tea and a couple of rows really going to do? If I look too far past my stitches, I may noice Hazel mopping up red paint with toilet paper, or the dog having a really good lick of his goolies on the couch, or hear the distant ping ping of some stupid Barbie dress-up game as one of my girls sits in front of the computer losing all sence of what it means to be a healthy weight and shape, or maybe I can faintly smell burning pastry but you know what, I deserve this cup of tea and this ten minutes of relaxing garter stitch! I may also occasionally glance across at my phone as I wait on that call to let me know a baby is on the way.
But just for a short while, I am enjoying the stiches, one after the other, being just here, by the fire, the constant lap lap sound coming form my disgusting dog, one more sip of tea, just one more row and then I'll get up.