Monday, September 26, 2011

The Sun is coming

Much to our horror, the days here have not been consistantly sunny. It is sooo not the weather we have become accustomed to but finally today a beautiful afternoon. It is quite amazing because with the sun comes the dolphins and the seals, learching above the waves to taste that warm light. I even shuffled my way into the ocean today, encouraged by my curiosity to try the paddle boards we have rented. And much to my dear husband's surprise, I am actually quite good ( water sports have never been my thing), but this was lovely and almost relaxing! ( Photos to come). Speaking of photos I had decided to use the photos Daryl has taken on his fabulous camera for my blog only to discover I don't have a "slot" for his "sim" ( hmmm, that sounds a bit rude, sorry Mum and Dad). So unfortunately I am forsed to use the photos I have taken on my pretty hopelss "this camera is stuffed", digital, only to discover I have left it at the restaurant we ate at tonight! Aaahhh!!!

Looking forward to the Melbourne folks arriving tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So with the Magic Kingdom behind us I am left to contemplate why I love Disneyland so much. This year Tobie has moved out of my realm of teacups, Dumbo and Princess's. She is totally fearless, coming off the scariest rides with a huge toothless grin screaming "that was Awsome! Hmmm... aren't we supposed to be sitting in a little boat tootling along to the tune of "It's a small world after all? Oh well, I've still got Hazel, and that is what I love about Disneyland. I love going on the rides she loves and just watching her face. It is a time that I just plant myself next to her and go along for her ride. I'm not cleaning or washing or cooking or driving anyone anywhere or phoning anyone or getting to an appointment, I'm just there with her and that's exactly where she wants me.

I look around at all the families doing exactly the same thing. Being together and having a lovely time. It is quite true, everyone seems to be just that little bit more connected to each other as they stroll through the castle's entrance. I'm sorry, I make no apologies, I love it ( as you can probably tell).

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I wonder what it is that pulls us back to this place year after year? It was never just a holiday destination for us, Daryl needed to be here for work so we all came, rented a house, put the girls into school, discovered this new town of ours.

But the girls are getting older and so pulling them out of school at home isn't quite so easy and I suppose we started to question just how long we could be here and there, we were starting to feel a little unsettled. And so now it is just a holiday except we know this place so well, the mountains and the sea are so familiar, such a wonderful reminder of the longer stays we had here.

It's hard to explain why we keep coming back, creatures of habit perhaps. I don't know but as I drove down the 101 on this beautiful Californian Sunday afternoon, a Starbucks in the cupholder and a smile on my face, I thought how wonderful it is to have this other place even if it is only for a few short weeks.

So I hope this time to give an impression of our time here, mainly photos but some words as well. It is off to bed now though as we have an early start in the morning. Off to the happiest place on earth!